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11 Best Social Media Marketing Courses For Beginners

This article first appeared MYHQ DiGEST.

The social media landscape is constantly changing and it's hard for everyone to keep up with. Now, you could go to college and take some courses on social media to become an expert or work for a company to gain some real-world experience using social media platforms.

Sometimes that's not enough and you want to learn at your own time and pace. Look no further, we've got you covered with the best social media courses for beginners.

1) What is Social?

Social media marketing courses - What is social?

Offered by Coursera, What is Social? is an impressive online social media marketing course for people who want a proper introduction to social media and how to go about it.

The course is best suited for entrepreneurs and professionals that are starting out as it gives a clear introduction to social media strategies.

The course, unfortunately, is only for people who are starting out and not for people who have already developed a social media strategy.

2) Udemy’s Complete Digital Marketing Course Online

Udemy’s digital marketing course is power-packed with 12 courses in 1 and has already been taken by over 70,000 professionals.

One key thing about that this course is that it’s suitable for all, be it a beginner or an expert.

It offers detailed teaching of various advertising strategies and its practical application on various social media platforms.

Further, it teaches you how to use various online marketing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Quora.

It also offers you practical courses on Google Adwords, Analytics, and even Email Marketing, SEO Fundamentals, and WordPress.

The course is thus best suited for anyone who wants to cover everything in one spot and course.

3) Hootsuite Academy of Social Marketing Training free social media marketing course

This course offers a pack of six social marketing training programs that helps you understand social media marketing and online advertising.

The free courses include lessons on social media marketing, optimizing social media profiles and content marketing fundamentals.

It is best suited for any marketer who wants to cover the basics before taking on a much detailed course on a specific subject.

4) Social Media Ethics course

Offered by Udemy, Social Media Ethics course is important for any marketer or entrepreneur who is starting out.

Very few understand social media ethics which are important to follow to run a business effectively and ethically.

This course helps you understand various laws with regards to social media and explains what is legal and what is not.

5) Comprehensive Social Media Training Bootcamp

Offered by Creative Live, this Bootcamp course is for anyone who wants to understand more than just strategy.

The course helps you excel at the execution bit of social media marketing and helps focus on each platform (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) differently.

This course is offered by experts from social media domains such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

They thus offer you their secrets, tips, and tricks for each platform and tackle them separately.

What’s more, you retain access to all the classes for a lifetime as you can download these lessons.

6) Viral Marketing and How to Create Contagious Content

Viral marketing is a very specific social media marketing courses that teach you how to make viral content.

This social media course is also focused on viral content creation and how to use them for marketing.

This course offers you tips that could make your content instantly better and catch the audience attention.

It is thus perfect for marketers and entrepreneur who work in advertising and want instant audience attention.

7) The Complete Facebook Marketing Masterclass

One of the best social media marketing courses offered by Udemy, this masterclass teaches you how to dominate Facebook.

It offers you techniques to dominate Facebook & Instagram in a targeted manner and trains you to use Facebook Pixel and Facebook retargeting.

The course helps you focus on Facebook customers and understand how to monetize your efforts targeting them.

In addition, it also teaches you strategies around Facebook video marketing and helps you create powerful Instagram ads.

You don’t need prior knowledge before signing up for this course and is best suited for Facebook & Instagram influencers.

8) YouTube Marketing & SEO

YouTube has dominated video-based marketing for years and held its ground much before Instagram and TikTok came along.

This YouTube marketing course helps you understand and capture that niche market and helps you hit that 1 million views mark.

With an impressive rating of 4.4, this course is perfect for anyone looking to successfully target the YouTube market.

It helps you build a strong YouTube marketing channel to promote a client or to build your own channel.

The course is thus perfect for video-based advertisers and YouTube Influencers.

9) Essentials of LinkedIn Marketing

Just like Instagram and YouTube, LinkedIn has a specific audience which many marketers hope to impress.

This training program is highly recommended to such marketers as it focuses on LinkedIn advertising strategies.

It is ideal for anyone who is looking at figuring out B2B strategies to generate leads and increase sales.

It is highly recommended for entrepreneurs as it’s really tough to find training on LinkedIn advertising in particular.

10) Twitter Marketing course

While Twitter has a very limited writing space it is also the most efficient in reaching a relevant audience.

This course is specifically designed to reach that audience and help you run Twitter Ads for generating more leads and sales.

It will teach you about types of Twitter ads, budget, bidding, and lead you to create your first Twitter campaign.

The course will also help you reach the targeted audience better and generate more leads with each ad.

11) Social Media Monitoring Course

Despite knowing exactly how to target a specific audience on social media, many don’t know how to monitor their progress.

This course thus could be a great guide for those who want to learn how to monitor their audience.

It gives you all the guidelines on how to monitor on each social media platform and allows you to learn from them.

Like many other social media courses, this course helps you understand keywords, search engine marketing and helps you curate content directly from your social media monitoring dashboard.

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