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Content Marketing Trends for 2021

As we look forward to the implementation of the vaccine and bringing us back to some sense of normalcy, 2021 is set to be another volatile year for businesses to market to customers. If anything, the digital ecosystem is primed for an even bigger shakeup as Apple’s controversial tracking system goes into effect, Big Tech faces antitrust suits, and Google starts to kill off third-party cookies.

While hope is on the horizon in combating COVID-19, brands will continue to feel pressure to fill in the gaps during a patchwork recovery. Below, Market 37 breaks down content marketing trends to watch in 2021.

Here are the seven biggest content marketing trends you need to know about going into next year:

1. Building content communities

2. Going live with video and webinars

3. Improving content experience

4. Focusing on products and services

5. Testing AI-powered copy

6. Doubling down on SEO

7. Repurposing content across channel

1. Building content communities

The biggest content marketing trend to try in 2021 is not a surprise. With the rise of Slack communities across tech and the focus on personalization in marketing during the pandemic, building communities has been a push for marketing teams all year. But building communities specifically around content sharing and creation will allow marketing teams to continue to expand their reach, even with fewer resources.

Expanding your reach is great for brand awareness—and, of course, your metrics—but that kind of inclusion is also good for fostering a sense of community with your audience, too.

2. Going live with video and webinars

With events out of play this year, video and webinar content has been even more important—and it is not going away. Video is a quick and effective medium to communicate your message and educate your audience. Consumers want to get information/learn quickly and there is no better way to do so than with the help of video marketing.

3. Improving content experience

Ever click on an article you want to read only to get to a page filled with pop-ups and ad panels? It is awful, and most of the time I close out of the page without reading anything.

The bottom line is that sometimes how you are interacting with content is just as important as what content you are interacting with. That is why a focus on content experience is going to be a key content marketing trend, whether it is new, interactive content, or better UX.

To drive ROI with content, you need to focus on content experience. That means you need users to stay on your website, love what you write about, find exactly what they are looking for, and enter a sales funnel.

4. Focusing on products and services

Another content marketing trend experts are expecting to continue is the tighter focus on bottom-of-funnel content related to core offerings.

Part of this will be motivated by limited resources or conservative marketing plans. That laser-focus means more attention to content at the bottom of the funnel, specific to key buyer personas and closely related to the product or service offering. But it can also help with a better understanding of content ROI.

5. Testing AI-powered content

Content experts have been predicting the rise of AI in content creation for years now. Now, with tools like the API GPT-3 and Contentyze, which uses AI to take data and create summaries, captions, and even full blog posts, becoming more widely available it is likely these trends take off in 2021.

6. Doubling down on SEO

Some trends never go out of style and for content, that’s SEO. SEO will continue to be a critical piece for content marketing in 2021.

7. Repurposing content across channels

With an emphasis on creating engaging content with fewer resources, it makes sense that next year will bring a bigger focus on repurposing content across channels. When you are spending time and effort to create high-quality, engaging content, you want to share it with as many people as possible. The best way to do that is to repurpose.

As you are planning your content marketing strategy out for the year, remember that you must remain nimble and continue to focus on high-quality content. Creating quality content can produce great ROI results.

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